Welcome to the Open Organization Capability Model

The Open Organization Capability Model is a tool for assessing your organization's culture.

More specifically, the tool measures your organization's relative degree of openness, with particular attention to five open principles outlined in the Open Organization Definition:

As part of the assessment process, you'll learn how individuals, teams, and organizations can critically examine their organizational practices and chart their progress toward becoming a more open organization.

This tool is based on the Open Organization Maturity Model, which the open organization community at Opensource.com maintains.

Before beginning this assessment, remember: All organizations are different, so they adopt open principles and practices to different degrees. This model's three-level design therefore aims both to assist organizations determining the relative degree to which they act openly and to help them explore possibilities for becoming more so.

Important note: This tool is intended for use in conjunction with guided conversation in a workshop setting. Results should be used only as a basis for discussion in a learning context. This tool is no way a complete or comprehensive assessment of an entire organization's capabilities.